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Peter Rabbit is our pre-school room accommodating much of the 1st floor. All of our resources are stage and age appropriate to meet each child’s individual needs.

There are seven display boards and therefore plenty of space to display the children’s work and show the topics we are working on with the children. A monthly newsletter is provided for parents so you can see what your child will be doing during the month, please feel free to discuss anything you would like to add to our planning that you are doing at home with your child.

An interactive whiteboard is provided in our pre-school room and at different times throughout the day we encourage the children to access this.

We provide a variety of caring incentives within the room, one of which is our Peter Rabbit cuddly toy who goes on adventures with the children over the weekend. We also encourage the children to build upon their own self help skills by having a monitor system within the room where the children give out and take away their own plates, meals and drinks throughout meal times.

We also employ an outside agency who comes into nursery to provide a music and movement session with our older children.

We hold a variety of dress up days at the nursery as we feel this is something the children seem to get so much enjoyment out of and taking part.

Our role play area has a different theme every couple of months. One of the themes we follow is turning the area into a school to get the children ready for their next big transition. In addition to this, we invite the local teachers to come into our school room and meet the children enabling them to start forming a connection between the child and school. We have found this to be very beneficial in the next big steps our children make.

The Peter Rabbit room holds a Nativity each year where the children thoroughly enjoy performing for their parents. A graduation party is also held for those getting ready to leave the nursery to start their school adventure.

Part-time sessions are available as well as full days in the pre-school room. The morning session is from 8am-1pm and the afternoon session is from 1pm-6pm.

  • Years Old 3-4 Years
  • Class Size 16